Friday, March 1, 2013

Kicking some ass...

Book 1 is finally in the hands of the professional proof reader now, who is picking up all my errors, misspells and probably tearing apart my grammar. I am actually pretty excited that I am working with this guy. He's worked on a number of UF books that I have really enjoyed. I am pretty stoked to work with someone with his level of experience in the genre.

While I have downtime, I am pushing on with Book 2. Since work is pretty demanding, I can't sneak in time to write during the day. But I am committing myself to 500 words a day. Not ideal, I prefer to do 1,000. But what I learned from Book 1 was that 1000 words a day, plus full time work = burnout.

But even as I move along at a sloth's pace, I am pretty happy with the start. Chapter 1 is kicking some serious ass. Literally. I just finished Chapter 2, and I am not too happy with it, but it's just the rough and there are still a lot of holes to fill. Plus, that chapter pulled away from the action. I really enjoy writing the ass kicking scenes. They are, hands down, my favorite chapters in Book 1.

I feel like I have found my groove with the action scenes, and am really stretching my imagination. I look at everything differently now. Random household items inspire new ways to pummel vampires. Great fun!

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