Friday, August 23, 2013


Phew. It's been a wild few months since Hell's Belle went exclusive on Amazon. A number of blog reviews landed, and they were amazing. I did a whole bunch of guest posts. And through the process I met a host of really wonderful, passionate bloggers from all over the world. It's been really fun. More promo coming in October, when Hell's Belle hits the other e-tailers. I am looking forward to the next round.

I am about 35,000 words into the Hell's Belle follow up. This one is moving a lot slower than the first, and according to my very wise Yoda-like editor, the second one moves much more glacial than the first. So I am trying to power through molasses, but every day I eek along some forward progress. I don't know that it will be ready for a June 2014 release, which is what I was hoping. But we'll see.

There are a lot fewer action sequences in this one, which I think is part of the reason why it feels so sluggish. I need to sit down soon and just write one punishing fight scene after another. Poor Nina. But she's a tough broad, she can handle it.

And I can tell you that the second book is tentatively titled Tainted Blood.

I am also working on a true horror novel. I have a few thousand words in and I am pretty happy with the characters I am creating. I am taking a horror writing class with Jack Ketchum too, so I hope to get this one sufficiently frightening by the time that one is over. 

And I finally found my YA novel idea two nights ago. I am crazy excited about this one, but feel like I have a bit of a learning curve with YA. But we'll get there.

So, all this and the work commitments with the day job have me spectacularly crazy. But I do hope to get my blogging rhythm back again. I have noticed a bunch of new traffic to the site, and want to hang out with you guys!