Friday, November 22, 2013

The "Half Way There" mix tape

I thought it would be fun to share a selection of songs I have been listening to as I work on Book Two. 

This one is taking a lot longer than the first, but I think I am about half way there. I finally figured out the ending, so I am Snoopy dancing over here. It's hard for me to write without knowing where I am going, and this ending has been like a stake in the heart. For Hell's Belle, the last two chapters were clear in my head from page one. But this one... I just wasn't comfortable with my original ending, and it never quite fully formed in my mind.

While this new (and way more improved) ending takes me in a direction I was not expecting, I like the possibilities it opens up for the story in the future. So I am totally okay going there!

Marilyn Mason and a really tough workout got me over the hump this afternoon. And I've never been a huge Marilyn Mason fan, so go figure!

Also, I had forgotten how much I love System of a Down, so it's been great (re)discovering them. And this pic pretty much explains why I adore them (their music rocks too).

Happy weekend! I hope to get a lot of writing done. What are you planning on doing?