Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Someone is going to die

I've been struggling with Book 2 of my Hell's Belle saga for a few weeks now. Part of it is being too damn busy. Work exploded and the promo for the Hell's Belle release is picking up, cutting into my writing time. And when I do squeeze in the writing time, it feels like slogging through syrup.

It's frustrating, but it's also confusing. Hell's Belle felt almost effortless, especially in comparison to this. So what's my problem? I think it's because I have to kill someone off.

I don't consider myself an old softie. For the most part, I am a tough broad. By the end of Hell's Belle, I knew that someone was going to die in book two. I have a ton of other characters that want to get onto paper, and I am no George RR Martin. I can't handle character overwhelm.

But I love my characters, even the ones that I personally think are enormous pains-in-the-asses and want to punch every time I write them. So I am struggling with who's going to get it, which is keeping me from seeing my ending clearly. And I am the type of writer who needs to see the end. I need to know where I am going so I can chart my path there.

So someone is going to die in book two. Time to start mourning.