Tuesday, March 26, 2013

greetings from typo land

The book is back from the proof reader, and I am going over his edits plus the last of the edits from the beta readers. And, man, does it take a village! My typos are simply astounding!

I have been participating in a great discussion over on Goodreads about reviews--specifically about nasty reviews. It's been great chatting about this, particularly given my job in publicity. One of the things we discussed were reviews that slammed books for what are essentially editing issues, and nothing else.

Now that I am in the thick of editing, I can say that it's a tough slog. I get how these books can come out with so many errors. I try to be more forgiving of the indie books. It's not easy DIYing this part. And even with the pros I enlisted to help me get my book "camera ready" I am still finding issues in the copy.

Slog on, my friends. Slog on.

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