Wednesday, February 20, 2013

All those needly bits and bobs

I am giving the novel a final once-over but am on the hunt for a proofer/copy editor because I have all these needly bits and bobs to exterminate that I simply don't see anymore. I picked up a bunch, but I am certain there are plenty more there. I need some fresh eyes on this sucker.

Every time I re-read, I start changing. And changing. And adding, and subtracting, and changing some more. And every time I change, it needs a new copy edit. Vicious cycle. It'll never be "perfect" but it's impossible to stop "perfecting." Yes, time for fresh eyes.

And my typos are pretty grand. What I found both amazing and frustrating about writing something tens of thousands of words long was how my fingers suddenly go on auto pilot. I am thinking a word, and my fingers are typing something entirely different. Muscle memory, I am sure. This muscle memory typed words that I (clearly) overuse in the press releases that I write for the day job (still feels weird to say/write that). So funny how certain words can become habits.

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