Friday, February 27, 2015

Soul Storm mix tape

I am thrilled to have Ann Gimple back on the blog today; this time she's sharing a folk- inflected mixtape for Soul Storm, her series of three apocalyptic novels. Psychologist Dr. Lara McInnis has an uncanny ability to read the future. Trevor Denoble is the drop-dead gorgeous Brit (with powers of his own) who loves her. With the world as they know it on the brink of anarchy, they'll need all of their power, and the trust of each other, to stay alive.

Ann explains:
My taste in music is eclectic, but I’m an old folkie at heart. Love the old rock and roll too, like the Rolling Stones and The Band and Jerry Garcia. I picked the above songs for two reasons: Lara and Trevor’s love is a lynchpin for the series, and the series takes place in a precarious pre-apocalyptic world that’s rapidly sliding into anarchy.
I just knew all those old protest songs would come in handy someday, and here we are!
Indeed! It's a great mix of songs--go on and give it a listen!

You can hang with Ann on The Internets over at her website, blog, and on Facebook.


  1. Thanks so much for hosting me, Karen, and for making the playlist! What a unique and trendy idea. Big hugs!

  2. My pleasure, thanks for doing it! Oddly, Spotify did not have Kate Wolf's Great Love of my Life!