Monday, December 15, 2014

Author Mix Tape: Ashlynne Laynne's Progeny Playlist

Music is a huge part of my writing—songs can inspire a mood or a scene or even a character. So I love learning about what other writers are listening to. 

Last month, Ashlynne Laynne introduced us to her Progeny series. I am thrilled she came back to share a Progeny mix tape for the release of the Blood Bewitched, the fifth book in the series. She gives us the scoop on the music that inspires her writing. 

Today I am beyond thrilled to share some of the songs that have both influenced and inspired me while I’ve been writing my Progeny Series. My musical choices are much like most things in my life—eclectic and varied. I was a songwriter and poet before I ever got the inclination to write a novel. I have written lyrics for pop, rock, and crossover country music. Yes, I said country.

*Shauna Rousseau fun fact: Shauna’s favorite singer is Adele.

1. Collide by Howie Day. This is Ascher and Shauna’s song. I first allude to it in The Progeny the first time the couple makes love. Ascher despises most things contemporary, but he is learning to bend. Having a young wife has been good for him. They share their first ever dance to this song in Blood Bonds. It was also mentioned in Blood Bewitched.

2. Bring Me to Life by Evanescence. This is one of my favorite songs and it really speaks to the way Shauna brings Ascher out of himself. The poor guy was engaged seal to a full-blooded vampire that he abhorred. It was only after he met Shauna that he felt his heart and really began to live a fulfilled existence.

*Ascher Rousseau fun fact: Ascher’s favorite musical decade is the 80s.    

3. These Are the Days by Van Morrison. There is a very touching scene in Blood Promise where both Ascher and Shauna sing this song. Shauna listened to this type of music growing up when she visited her grandmother Amy, and Ascher, of course, was a man when it was made. It was a unique scene to me because it shows that even though there are decades of age difference between the two of these characters, they still connect on a deep, spiritual level that has absolutely nothing to do with a physical attraction.

4. Justify My Love by Madonna, S&M by Rihanna. I actually listened to both of these songs on a continuous loop while writing this hot scene from Blood Promise. Mr. and Mrs. Rousseau have quite the naughty time while Madonna is playing. I love steam with my romance and enjoyed writing this scene between the couple. Besides the obvious, this scene also had significance. It was the beginning of a power shift in the couple’s relationship and the start of Shauna’s journey into the next phase of her life. Those who have read the books will know exactly what I mean.

*Ashlynne fun fact: I love Bruno Mars. He appears on every playlist. His music is new but harkens back to an earlier time when things were a bit simpler. His voice can be raw and gritty, but also incredibly soft and sweet. This mix of tones makes his sound truly unique.

5. You Can Leave Your Hat On by Joe Cocker. This song was an inspiration to me while writing Ascher’s little striptease scene in Blood Bewitched. I have loved this song since I saw it on 9 ½ Weeks. It always elicits thoughts of someone stripping for the person they love.

6. Gorilla by Bruno Mars, Unfinished Sympathy by Massive Attack. There is a really heated hot scene between our hero and heroine in Blood Bewitched, and I listened to a loop of these songs while writing it. As I mentioned above, Bruno Mars songs are either rough and raw or smooth and soft. Gorilla is primitive and primal with the drum beats and naughty lyrics. My iPod is full of Mr. Mars and his wonderful music. I first heard Unfinished Sympathy in the movie Sliver with Billy Baldwin and Sharon Stone. Again, this song screams uninhibited sex and wild abandon. I’m sweatin’ just thinking about it.