Monday, October 20, 2014

Book review: Drowning in Fear

I normally don’t like reviewing books, but the opportunity for my kid to review the lower grade chapter book Drowning in Fear was hard to pass up.

So, I am handing the blog over to Syd:

Drowning in Fear is about about a boy who is trying to overcome his fear of water.  
Nolan is afraid of the water. His dad sends him to a camp that has a really good lake (Lake Weird) to try to get him over his fears.  After Nolan was told about the camp, he started to have dreams about Lake Weird and someone pulling him in and trying to drown him.  
Nolan gets sent to the camp, and he decides to try to conquer his fear. But when he gets chest-deep, something pulls him under. He was rescued by a camp counselor. They thought it was a plant that pulled him under, but the scratches on his lake looks like it was some kind of animal. Nolan, wisely, does not go back in the water. 
And then a couple nights later, Nolan and his friends, including a boy named Leo who is obsessed with ghosts, go for a walk and find an abandoned, pretty creepy old house. Nolan recognized the creepy house from his dreams and the boys….(Ed note: This is where I delete the rest because it is full of spoilers.
I think it was a good horror story for kids who don’t like really scary stuff because it was scary but not really really scary. Parts of it reminded me of RL Stine, who is one of my favorite writers. I definitely want to read more of the Weirdville series.   

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