Thursday, August 14, 2014

Author Interview: Annie Nicholas

I am thrilled to host a tour stop for Annie Nicholas and her latest release Sinful Cravings, the second book in her Lake City Stories series. She shares favorite place to write, how an octipus inspired the series, and how she tackles sex scenes (gulp).

Tell me about Sinful Cravings, the second book in your Lake City Stories series.
This is the continuation of Pia and Valerio’s love story. It’s hard without giving spoilers for book one, Starved for Love. LoL  Let’s just say Pia has to put on her big girl pants and figure out a solution for a dangerous situation fast.

What inspired you to tell Pia’s story?
I wanted to write a story where sex wasn’t about the expression of love. Many of us have gone to bed with someone we didn’t love. Pia’s story, even though there’s lots of sex, is truly about forbidden love and far they will go for each other. 

What made you decide to dive into the worlds of incubi and succubi? What (if any) are the similarities between our world and theirs?
It all started with an octopus documentary, of all things. It was about a certain species where the male and female had a symbiotic relationship. This lead to my thinking about how it would be if we depended on our mates to survive how would that change our relationship? So I divided how incubi and succubi fed. The incubi depend on succubi energy to survive and succubi can feed off anyone BUT incubi. Then I created my characters and said, “Let the games begin.” 

Writing erotic romance is HARD! (In fact, sex scenes are super tough for me to write.) 
How do you handle writing them?
It is HARD! I try to stick to the emotional aspect of the act as much as possible. Since I’m writing about sex demons, there is lots of sex in this series. It only makes sense. LOL I try to keep it fresh and fun. My main characters are very uninhibited and sometimes I’m shocked by what comes out of their mouths.  

What was the most difficult part of writing the second book in the series? 
Finding a goal for my characters. In first books of series it’s all about discovery. Learning a new world and meeting their hero/heroine. This is the same couple so that discovery is not there. I had to focus on growth, which made the experience deeper and more fulfilling as the writer. 

Now that Sinful Cravings is released, what’s next for you?
Scent of Salvation, book 2 of Chronicles of Eorthe, is releasing in Nov. 4th. I’ll be working on more Angler books and I’m working on new series.

Do you have any writing rituals?
I have to plot my book first. I need to know where I’m going before I start. It’s kind of like having a map. So I start with the blurb then I write my synopsis before I even start the book.

Where is your favorite place to write?
I love writing at the coffee shop. Unfortunately, my local one closed for renovations this summer.  

What inspires you to write? 
Everything. (*See comment about octopi above. LOL)  It has to be an original idea though. I get bored easily so I can’t write cookie cutter stories. There are days I wish I could.

What 5 books are on your bookshelf right now?
I’m reading Hunted by Kevin Hearne at the moment and I have Shattered that’s next. Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series, the last book is waiting for me. Molly Harper’s Nice Girls Don’t Have Fangs is on my TBR pile with Ilona Andrews’ Magic Bites next to it.   

What do you recommend people see/read/hear?
Read: Lord of the Rings
See: Life of Pi
Listen: Queen’s Greatest Hits

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  1. The octopus is THE grossest, creepiest and freakiest devil-spawn in existence, but you are still one of my favorite authors and I'm sure this book will be FANTASTIC! The prequel, RAVENOUS, was REALLY good!!!